Moving on



I think it is time for A Witchs Journey blog to retire. If you read my previous post, Goodbye Labels you’ll know why. I may still blog, but it won’t be as a ‘Witch’.


I am not changing, I am simply becoming more myself.


Blessings to all. Sat Nam.


Nam Kirin Kaur

Goodbye Labels

As the journey continues on 2016, a thought has been on my mind more often. The label of ‘Witch’ is not one that I care to attach on myself any longer.


Labels can sometimes be helpful. They can help us understand ourselves and others. A label can make a person a “winner”, a “president”, a “superstar”. But labels are so very limiting. Labels are like boxes to put things inside. But we are not things that should be or can be, limited and confined. If I put myself in a box of “Witches”, a box of “Vampires”, a box of “Priestesses”, then that is all I am. Thoughts and words are so very powerful. So, I choose to release Nam Kirin Kaur from the boxes.



A drop in the ocean, the ocean in a drop. A wave crashing into the shore, only to return to the source, the ocean. You, Me, We, are all One.




Last month, my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 came to an end, and last week I graduated. To say that this has been a challenging journey is an understatement.


I’ve learned discipline; to wake up early in the morning and do my Sadhana. To commit to my practice. To commit to myself. To keep up no matter what. The Ego put up a great fight against change. I struggled for a while. I doubted myself, I doubted that I could keep going, I even doubted Kundalini Yoga. Some of my classmates and also some teachers have told me that they see a huge transformation in me. I know that I’ve transformed, although it may seem more subtle to me. I do feel different….I feel more like myself.


Gratitude is the word that comes to mind most often. Gratitude to everyone who has supported me on this journey, from teachers to friends and loved ones. I really could not have been able to hold on and push forward without support, that’s for sure. And I am so glad I kept going.


Lately I’ve questioned if I should even continue this blog. The name of the blog may not even be appropriate any longer. My journey continues, but is it a ‘Witches’ Journey’? If it is, then the journey has shifted into a different…platform? Not sure if that is an appropriate way to describe it. It just feels like there are no walls. It feels as if I am standing here, and there is nothing….and there is everything…no beginning, no end…no yesterday, no tomorrow…no definition.


There are no deities outside of me, nothing I need to look for outside, nothing that holds me. Because everything is within. I knew this, I had already learned this, read it, heard it, believed it. But honestly, I never really actually felt it before. But now, I do…and I owe it all to Kundalini Yoga and all those who have supported me on this journey, near and far. I am beyond grateful.



Nam Kirin Kaur

the sacred Princess/Lioness who manifests the Light of the Divine in the world by meditating on the Name of God.

Spiritual Names



We all know that words have the power to create, destroy, bring about change. I’ve written a post about that in the past:


Our parents give us a name when we are born. This name becomes part of us as we grow up. It is the every day mantra that can bring about happiness, fear (when you did something bad and your mother calls you by your whole name haha), pride (when you are called at your graduation). It is a natural identification process for us. But not everyone feels their given name resonates with them. Some people decide to change it to something else that they feel more identified with. And that is ok.


In the Pagan community people use what we call a “spiritual name”. It’s usually a name that we choose based on a number of different starting points, be it personal preference, numerology, astrology or divination for example.


When I started my journey into the Pagan spiritual path, I chose a spiritual name based on the pantheon that I followed, which is Egyptian. The name was very dear to me and many people came to know me by that name; mostly other Pagans but some non Pagan friends as well.


When I came to a crossroads in my life in which huge life-altering changes were unfolding, I felt the need to change my name. Not only was I entering a new spiritual phase in my life, but I was walking away from a destructive period as well, and unfortunately, my name became stained with that negativity (I will not mention that name because it is in the past and no longer serves me, although it will always be in my heart).


That is when I became Oscura. In Spanish this word means dark. For years, I embraced my dark side. I became empowered by it. I grew with it, I learned from it, and enjoyed many new blessings coming into my life. Oscura was a diamond in the raw, needing to be put under a lot of pressure and hardship to finally come out of that shell. I found out that by embracing my dark side I was realizing the balance that was needed in life. Being in the light all the time leaves you imbalanced, very imbalanced. It is a denial of your own truth. There is much beauty and comfort in our dark sides; there is a warmth and resting place that is waiting for us to nurture it. And when we do nurture it, a balance is reached. I felt like a beacon of light was activated.


As I kept moving forward, the path opened up even more for me, and the blessings kept pouring in. I felt a stir within. An old layer is peeling away, and that layer is called Oscura. I can no longer identify with this name…but what am I to do? I meditated on Divine guidance. I read, I researched, I studied my dreams. What is the next step? How do I know what my name is now? It isn’t Oscura any longer.


For months nothing came to me, it was not time yet. I stopped chasing. I would let it come to me instead. And the first sign came. A Vedic astrologer tells me that a name change is coming, a spiritual name. Months later, I learn about spiritual names that Kundalini Yoga teachers take. I had been taking Kundalini Yoga classes but didn’t know about this until it was the right time I guess.


And then I decided to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher myself after much research and meditation on it. And so, the time felt right and I requested my spiritual name.


When my spiritual name was delivered to me, I was very nervous and couldn’t read it at first. It was a nervous excitement. When I finally sat down after a few days and read it, tears streamed down my face. This is me! And so, Nam Kirin Kaur steps into the light….


Nam Kirin Kaur is the sacred Princess/Lioness who manifests the Light of the Divine in the world by meditating on the Name of God.


I step from the darkness into the light. Oscura has blossomed into Nam Kirin Kaur. Nam means the Name of God/Goddess and Kirin means ray of light. I feel that this is so right and so perfectly timed. :) I am ever so grateful!


Sat Nam.

Peeling Away the Onion Layers peeling layersAll these years, these calendar years that have passed. All this perceived time…


I have slowly been peeling away, peeling away the onion layers. Slowly, sometimes painfully, sometimes cheerfully, sometimes frustratingly, peeling away the onion layers. The toddler times, the early childhood times, the pre-teen times, the teenage times, etc…peeling, not the years, but the experiences, the challenges, the lessons, the discoveries.


Some of you may have been seeing this: “She is changing, yeah, she’s changed (or maybe disappointingly) oh, she changed”. Even I myself for a very long time saw changes, only changes. Yes I am changing. But was I?


As I peel the onion layers, I am not really changing. I am REVEALING. Peeling away, learning, connecting, searching within, I am revealing my True Self. All those layers that I’ve left behind, were part of my journey, my quest to find my True Self within. All those layers were carefully plastered onto my true Self right after I was born into this physical body. My parents began their work quickly, just like any other parents do. No, I am not blaming my parents for any wrong-doing. How could they know? They themselves have lived all their lives covered in onion layers which were plastered onto their True Selves by their own parents. It is a chain that started a very long time ago and has been passed on. After my parents added the layers they felt were necessary, I continued adding some more myself.


What are all these onion layers? As you awaken into your spirituality, you can recognize them. Layers of trends, fears, insecurities, peer pressures, false identities, personalities to impress others, etc…what great damage have I done to my True Self. Most people do recognize them, but there is a layer that keeps them from doing anything about it, or even caring. They see the layers as protective, comforting, easy. Why break out of your comfort zone?


I want to reveal my True Self. I AM going to keep peeling the onion layers. Some feel painful, some feel easy, some are so subtle that I don’t even notice when they come off. All is within. Knowledge, Wisdom, Happiness, God/Goddess/the Divine. It is the quest to find my True Self within, as I continue to peel away the onion layers.


If you see me changing, you are not really paying attention.




Nam Kirin Kaur

the sacred Princess/Lioness who manifests the Light of the Divine in the world by meditating on the Name of God.

Learning Through Books and Experience

Bookshelf -

Books are wonderful tools. They open up doors of possibilities, new worlds to explore, places we’ve never been to, places we could never go to, subjects we never heard of before, etc…books are really powerful doors we can open any time and venture into. There is much to be learned from books, no doubt.

Books have their limitations of course. Although the author can take us anywhere, anytime, and show us what they saw, what they see, what they know, we are missing a very big part of learning, and that is experience.
Experience is when we truly gain. The participation, observation, of events, practical contact and the impression left in us when we experience something…there is nothing like it. Some say that true wisdom can only come from experience and sharing the wisdom earned from that experience.
A question just came to mind: But the author is sharing their personal experience with me through the book, that must count, right? I have a vivid imagination and I feel that I am living an experience through the author’s words, doesn’t that count? Of course it counts! That’s what you experienced through reading the book and it is very personal and important. However, the explanation that an author can give you through a book will never truly be your own experience. If 10 people can read the same book and interpret it differently, of course you know that the experience that you could have is never going to be the same as what you read about it in a book.


Where am I going with this? Well, although I do believe that we need books to learn and to supplement our learning, I personally feel that when I am within a group, the learning experience is more powerful and has a stronger impact on me. I can remember more, I can relate more, I can ask questions, I can network. Let’s not forget the amazing energy that can be felt in a group environment. Here is a good example: learning Kundalini Yoga from books and video vs. taking classes at a good yoga school. When I used a video, I enjoyed the practice, and when I read a good book on the subject, it helped me understand the details and I could go back and re-read. But it wasn’t until I started taking classes that I truly fell in love with Kundalini Yoga. Being in a class, surrounded by the energy of other people who love it as well, that is when I really felt the experience of Kundalini Yoga.  Same with Reiki. Some people claim that the practice of Reiki can be “learned” through books or online alone, but I strongly disagree.


Beyond reading great books, we must seek experience. Being able to recite pages upon pages from books we have read may be impressive, but again, nothing compares to personal, live experience, be it one on one with a teacher, or as part of a small or large group. Many people may be in a situation in which they feel they are isolated and have no access to groups or classes. I understand that, I really do because I was once in that situation. However, I made the effort to search and eventually found a few likeminded individuals to share experiences with. :) It is also helpful to remember, that we can learn from just about anyone and at any time, so don’t narrow your search too much. Think about it… 😉


Love & Light

The Priestess

Some use magick to dissolve other people’s relationships

Some people make the decision to use magick to destroy relationships. Wether you believe this can be done or not, does notmatter. Those who do it clearly don’t believe in the consequences of their actions and how it will come back to them one way or another (karma?).


Long ago, I had this experience. Someone who was my friend at the time, someone whom I trusted, worked up a spell to destroy a relationship I was in. The truth was revealed to me through a very spiritual and psychic person who described the event in detail to me. I couldn’t believe that my friend would do such a thing but, I had been warned by the one who cares about me the most—my mother. I had confirmation from someone who was close to my friend as well. You may say, how can any spell destroy love? I would have asked the same exact question, I really would. Did it work? Yes, to an extent it did work. The romantic love dissolved so suddenly that even I was a bit puzzled. But it only happened from my end. There was suddenly a feeling like two magnets that repel each other. An energy field between us that made me want to stay away from the person; it repelled me and made me want to break up with them. So I did. I will say however, that as far as friendship goes, the spell wasn’t able to cut all the way through. We are still friends.


Recently it seems that there is a possibility of a similar situation happening again. I have no confirmation yet, only my own intuition. A friend I’ve known for many years…and their mate that could possibly be feeling jealousy of our friendship. We were very close, shared a lot in common and spent a lot of time together. Once this other person (mate) showed up, slowly but surely, the friendship suffered. The feeling of being repelled from my friend; a negativity so strong that at times I felt suffocation being in their presence. Struggles ensued. You could say it was simply a natural course of events, and you may be right. But the changes were so strong and the timing tell me otherwise. So, the friendship is now barely there, not even a shadow of what it used to be. And although I have no confirmation yet of an attack, I feel that soon enough the truth will be revealed as always. All I can do at this point is continue to move on since I don’t see any possibility of repairing the friendship. And my friend is not able to see the truth either. Moving on.


I must say, the friend I mentioned on the first situation, did seem to get the law of three coming back at her. And even after all that happened I only wish the best for them. As for the second situation, time will tell.

I don’t regret anything. Everything that happens teaches me something and everyone that I meet in my journey is a teacher to me. I say farewell to them and have a blessed life. :)


Hail Ma’at, the truth shall be known.

The Priestess



Drama Destroyer destroy dramaThis is a very simple way of dispersing situations that drain, frustrate and just bring you unnecessary aggravation. This is also an exercise in letting go of damaging drama. You release the situation and the energy that it it brings. This is not about hating people, this is not a Death Note (anime reference). Again, this is about LETTING GO.


Why doing this is better than writing about it on a website like Facebook or Twitter: When you write about drama, about something or someone that is aggravating and frustrating you to no end and you publish your words to an audience, you are creating an echo, and echo comes back…over and over (get it?). You are putting the words out there so that they get recorded, repeated. So if you tend to do this and then wonder why it seems like drama surrounds and suffocates you constantly, please understand that it was all your own doing (yes, even if you aren’t the one who started it).


So how about we use a little magick and end it in a healthier, more effective way?


First, ask your Divine Guidance for protection and clarity.


Find a sheet of paper to write on and a pen. Without giving it much thought, let the most aggravating, frustrating situation surface. Begin writing about it. Spill your frustration, spill your emotions, be as graphic and nasty as you want to be. Write like no one is going to read it! Deposit everything negative and painful that this situation has brought to you into this sheet of paper. Really put it all in there. Careful not to break the pen or paper! 😉 And do remember that this is about the situation, no focus on specific people but on the situation that they have created.


Once you have deposited this entire situation into the sheet of paper, do not read it.


Sit quietly for a few minutes and close your eyes. Take 3 or 5 deep, slow breaths in, and slow breaths out through your nose (mouth closed). Visualize as you breathe in, beautiful, glowing, healing light coming in through your nose and into your lungs, softly lighting them up and making your whole body glow with warmth, comfort and general well-being. As you slowly breathe out, visualize gray, dirty looking polluted air coming out of your nose and leaving you. You are filtering out all that no longer serves you, all that is damaging to you.


This is a cleansing breathing exercise and can be done at any other time you can find a place to sit down and close your eyes for a few minutes.


Now comes the destruction of what has been frustrating and draining you. Here are two options and you can choose the one that is best suited for you at the moment.


Destruction by Fire
Take the sheet of paper, fold it into a smaller size. You will need a fire-proof container and you will need to be in a place in which you can light a fire safely. Take the paper, light it and throw it in the fire-proof container. You may say the following words: “Burn, Destroy, Purify!” or any other words you prefer to say at this time. You may also keep silent if you wish to do so.


Destruction by Hand
Take the sheet of paper and fold it. Grab a pair of scissors and go crazy on it! Cut it into pieces as small as you can (please be careful not to cut yourself!). You could use a paper shredder, but I feel like that takes away some of the satisfaction of cutting the paper yourself. You can even rip it apart with your bare hands of you prefer that.


Bonus energy booster: as you destroy the paper (and after saying the words you decided to say as part of the destruction ceremony), laugh. It doesn’t matter if you are force-laughing. Your laughter will further dissipate the negative energy and empower you even more. Go ahead, try it!


It is done. Put the remains in a small bag, then throw them in the garbage but take the garbage outside, or put them in a small bag and dump it in a public garbage container. If you used fire, please make sure that the flames have completely extinguished and the ashes are now cool before you throw them out.


You have let go completely and now you move on to better things.

A Prayer to Honor the Dead

Xena at the Temple of The Fates

Image from Xena & Hercules Wiki

I’ve been watching Xena: Warrior Princess from the beginning. Today I was watching the episode with the 3 Fates (episode title: Remember Nothing), and in it Xena goes to their temple to honor her dead brother. I thought the prayer she was reciting was simple and beautiful, so I wrote it down.


This would be a nice way to honor a loved one during the anniversary of their passing, or during Samhain.


You will need: 3 pillar candles (one for each Fate), and a 4th, smaller taper candle to light the other three.


Prayer to honor the dead

(light smaller candle)

By this flame I call on The Three Fates…

The Maiden…(light 1st pillar candle)

The Mother…(light 2nd pillar candle)

and The Crone…(light 3rd pillar candle)

Comfort (name of dead) who’s life you cut on this day (number of days and/or years) ago.

So Mote It Be.


Love & Light

Priestess Oscura N.

Expanding Awareness with Kundalini Yoga

awitchsjourney.comAbout 2 years ago I became interested in Kundalini Yoga. I had already tried a couple of yoga classes (not Kundalini) and enjoyed it. The teachers were a couple with a small child, they were kind and very good teachers. Unfortunately for me, they had decided to go back to India. My gratitude to them.


One day I saw that the New York Open Center was having a short course in Kundalini Yoga, and I quickly signed up. I scrambled to find comfortable white clothes to wear for the class, as I had read that in Kundalini Yoga people wear all white. Most of my clothing is black so you can imagine how difficult was for me. I found some simple clothes to wear and went to my class, very excited and nervous. There I met Donna Amrita Davidge, a vibrant woman who blessed me with my first Kundalini Yoga experience. During our first class we did an exercise in which we sat in easy pose (cross legged), facing a stranger (class mate), and just stared into each others’ eyes and I had my first boohoo moment. I cried as I clearly heard this woman say “I love you” without opening her mouth. I felt her love, as a human to another human. Of course there was laughter as well in the group, as some just became giggly during the exercise, and it was all beautiful. I really felt the connection. The entire experience with Donna Davidge was eye opening for me, and heart opening as well. I found a practice that was not only very spiritual, but also strengthened my body as a whole. Kundalini Yoga certainly is a complete experience. And that was it for me, I wanted more. Sadly, this was a very short course. I did come back the second time that Donna Amrita Davidge came to teach at the New York Open Center, and after that I wanted to find more regular classes. I asked her about two yoga studios that I had found online, and she gave me her recommendations on both, saying they were very good places to go to.


As I’ve done before, I tried to get a friend to join me for at least one class so that I wouldn’t have to go by myself and feel so vulnerable. However, that didn’t work, and I decided to just go for it on my own. And so, I went to Kundalini Yoga East. There, after a warm welcome by the front desk person, I joined the class.


First of all, if you are wondering, as I did, why is it that people wear all white to Kundalini Yoga, I can tell you what I’ve learned so far. According to Yogi Bhajan (the spiritual leader who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the USA), wearing all white clothing expands our auric radiance. White is the representation of all colors in one, so you also get the benefit of all colors together.


Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness. It is a total experience. You chant mantras, you meditate, you practice many breathing exercises, and physical exercises. When I first took classes with Donna Davidge I realized this is tough! I was sore for a week after the first class but of course, I’m not an athlete so there is that to consider. But still, it is not exactly easy. There is a lot of fighting your Ego which constantly tries to stop you from doing things, making you think you can not, making you feel that you can not and constantly trying to distract you and talking you into quitting. I’m really glad that I decided not to listen to the Ego trap and I kept coming back to class.


Since I’ve begun to practice Kundalini Yoga more often, I’ve noticed a few changes. They have been slow, but they are happening. I have more patience with the world although I still need to work on it more. I am more calm in general, and when a situation does stress me out, I am able to calm myself down faster and easier. I’ve also begun to feel more connected to all, and I feel more compassion for others, which sometimes can be, difficult. One example; right before New Year’s eve I saw a woman on the train who had a very sad expression on her face. I see this woman often on the train but this day she looked particularly sad, as if she was about to cry. I wondered why she looked so sad, was she missing someone? At the end of the year, did she feel lonely? I smiled at her, but I really  just wanted to walk up to her and give her a big hug and tell her that I loved her. Another woman near me noticed the same thing I guess, and she was also smiling at the woman. I was just too shy to simply walk up to her and give her that hug. But I just felt so sad…I felt it strongly in my heart.


It is difficult to explain some of the changes that I am experiencing. But I must also mention that my Reiki practice is still part of the positive influence in my changes, because it really is. I do my Reiki self-practice right before Kundalini Yoga class and before going to sleep. The balancing effects of Reiki are also responsible for all these changes no doubt.

On April 5, 2014, I joined many more Kundalini Yoga practitioners on a wonderful, big event called White Tantric Yoga. I had heard about White Tantric Yoga before, and I wanted to join the big event last November, but I was to be out of the country. This time I wasn’t going to miss it and I am so glad I didn’t. During White Tantric Yoga, we practice a number of meditations and mantras throughout the day. A meditation can last for 31 minutes, with a break after and then another one, then a break, and so on. The practice is done in pairs, sitting in very straight lines across the room. It is very challenging because of all the time you have to be sitting, but it is also a very unique experience. There really is no way of explaining much, all I can say is that each person has their own experience and it is not the same for all, but we all learn and grow from it, and we expand our consciousness. I did become emotional at the end of the day, and cried a little. I am grateful to Yogi Bhajan and to all who made the event possible and all who participated. I am looking forward to doing it again!


We were told that we’d be feeling the effects of White Tantric Yoga for about 40 days. So far, I have had unusual dreams, mostly related to animals so far. Last night I had a very personal and powerful experience which I will keep to my personal journal (sorry). It’s been 6 days…


Eternal gratitude to Donna Amrita Davidge, The New York Open Center and Kundalini Yoga East.

The gratitude that I feel is immense. May the blessings continue.

Sat Nam.