Love is…

Love is a power like no other. I really have trouble describing love. It  is one of those things you have to experience, not talk about.


Love makes a difference; it changes perspectives; it brings light into the darkest places. Don’t get me wrong, without darkness there is no light, but you know what I mean, we need balance. 😉


Through the years, I’ve had people ask me for love spells. To that I usually say, I don’t think you really need to do that. To find love no spells are needed really, you just have to truly want it, welcome it and accept it in your life. You need to first love yourself, appreciate who you are, all of it, the parts that you like and the parts you don’t like. Love and care for yourself, and only then will you be able to love and care for others. Why? Because we are all like cells in one giant being; like pieces of one puzzle; like parts of one organic machine. We may have grown up believing the notion that we are separate individuals who do our own thing, live our own lives, and that’s all that matters. But the truth is not like that. We all affect each other, influence each other and are connected to each other. All of us. This is why I’m against war, but that’s a whole other subject, or as my mother would say “esos son otros veinte pesos” (translation: “that’s another twenty dollars.” it’s a Puerto Rican saying).


As the world continues to change and people slowly (and hopefully) moving into a spiritual awakening, love becomes even more important and takes a front seat in our lives. I’ve felt that more and more, Love  is all we need to bring balance, harmony and peace to this world.


But again, start by loving yourself. Give yourself credit for all that you do. You are here today, you have been through a lot and yet here you stand. Turn the TV off, don’t let it dictate what love is, what being happy is. The media has completely distorted positive things like love, happiness, joy, just so that a few can get wealthy by brainwashing people into buying their products in order to be “happy”, or “loved”. That is a road that leads not to true love, but to empty, short-lived fake love. So with that said, love yourself! You are wonderful because you are part of it all, just like me and the person next to you.


If you are at a point in your life in which you want to attract romantic love, and start a relationship, that is also wonderful as long as you practice self-love on a daily basis. If you’ve ever asked anyone “how do I know when it’s love?” “how do I find real love?” and the answer has ever sounded anything like this: “You’ll know when it arrives”, or “When you least expect it”, don’t feel frustrated by those answers. That is really how it works. The more you search, the less you find. That is why I’m inviting you to just focus on loving yourself and appreciating yourself, and taking good care of yourself first. Because, the light that shines from within you will become even brighter from the self-nourishment, and will surely attract love. Remember, like attracts like. If you’ve been in a not so good relationship, take some time now to heal. Let it be, let things flow, stay still and meditate. If you don’t want to attract more of what you don’t like, then you need to shift your thoughts into what you like. Don’t say things like, ” I never want another person to treat me this way”, NO! Don’t do that, you will attract what you are focusing on with your words! Instead, say things like “I attract kind, loving people into my life.” “I attract responsible, loving, fun, caring people into my life”. “I am surrounded by love, kindness, joy and positive people”. Notice the difference? Write it down every day, repeat it in your mind, until you automatically think and say it. It doesn’t matter if these things are not in your life at the moment because soon they will be, if you continue to focus on them.


I remember, I used to say to my mom, “I want my marriage to be as loving, fun and caring as yours”. I got exactly what I said I wanted, and it gets better every day!


I know that life has its ups and downs, and frustrations, but those are just experiences and we choose wether we let them rule our lives or we learn from them and let them go. The harder you hold on to that which doesn’t make you happy, the harder it will be for love and happiness to come into your life.


Choose love, and it will choose you. :) Next, I will post a simple Love Spell for those of you who want to strengthen your intention to attract Love into your lives.

Rings of love

The Power of Our Emotions, Thoughts, Words, Intention

Happy FoodIt’s very easy to fall into the trap of focusing on all the things we don’t want in our lives. There is the saying “when it rains, it pours”. Remember that? One thing seems to go wrong and then another, and another. And we ask ourselves, “why me?”, “what did I do wrong?”, “why now?”. Then we start feeling like crap, start feeling sorry for ourselves, and it’s all downhill from there. Any of this sound familiar?


I’ve been down that road. It really does work like that. One nightmare after another. I was depressed, seeing no relief in the future, no recovery, no happiness. Of course I wasn’t down every waking second. There were days when I felt better, and had some of my strength come back, but it was always in short periods of time and then I’d go right back down. Something would slightly hit me and I’d tumble down in an instant. Eventually, I sought out a therapist because I was tired of feeling like that and wondered if this would help. I saw a couple of psychologists. They were very good, and helped me sort out many things, helped me understand some of my inner puzzles. Talking to them wasn’t really what helped, because I did that with my mother all the time and enjoyed it and still do. How they helped me was by having experience that I didn’t have and using it to find the best way to help me find the best way. No that wasn’t a typo.


After seeing the therapists for a couple of years intermittently, I felt that they had done what they could and moved on. Things were certainly better, or at least I was handling it all a little better. But I wasn’t “there yet”. Things had to get worse to force me to really do something about it all. And I don’t regret anything…


One night, after suffering for several years with living conditions that were causing a lot of emotional damage on us, things had reached a dangerous edge. I rather not go into details about the exact situation. But let’s just say, the police had to be involved at one point. When my beloved got physically hurt by the situation we were living in, that’s was it, that was the trigger; that was when I stood up, put my foot down hard, and said out loud: “that’s enough, this ends now, this changes now”. Something along those lines. I made a decision, and not just any decision we make on a daily basis. This was a declaration, I was sending my intention loudly into the Universe. I was consciously making a change with my words, shaping my life, our life with a very emotional and strong declaration. And the changes began…


Not only did we move, but we finally found a place to live where we had the peace we needed. Some of our visitors have said that they can breathe peace when they are in our home. We reached a balance that we had been missing, and it felt great. Anytime I’ve made big changes in my life, or have seen someone close to me make big changes, I see that it usually starts with a potent declaration which usually happens after a very difficult situation hits us really hard.


This was only one example, one situation in which I “made my declaration”, set my intention on changing it. It’s not the only time I’ve done it. And I must say, it is very powerful stuff. Our thoughts, our intentions, our emotions, all put together, all focused on the same direction can make a huge impact in our lives an the lives of those around us. Using them all at once is a great tool that we can use  repeatedly, and it works. I’ve never gone back. Once I changed course, the waters just got more and more pleasant. And the more pleasant they got the less I thought of the awful things that had transpired. Even now, whenever I think back to any of those awful times, I see them differently now. They are not part of my current life, they are only experiences and they don’t own me.


Now gratitude is something I practice on a daily basis. And if I ever feel depressed or weak, which of course happens, I just let it be, I let myself be. If I’m depressed today, I will allow myself to feel that way. It isn’t a horrible thing, it’s not a tragedy, it’s not something I deserve blah blah etc…I see it as a natural occurrence that happens to me and to others as well. It is simply that, and it passes and then I’m perfectly fine again. It is not the end, it’s much more simple than that. I don’t need to hold on to it, I only let it happen and let it take its course. No need to put it on the spotlight and worship it and marry it. Am I driving the point home? I hope so.


In conclusion, there is no secret, no gimmick, it isn’t an impossible task. It is our decision to change it all.

My wish list that will become a done list

Ah, so much to do, so little time! I want to spend my time learning so many different things, trying them out, taking some of them much further. I’ve been blessed, for I’ve done a lot so far, but there is still much more to do, learn, experience! Inspirational people like Leonie ( ), give me the motivation to start this list. It will keep growing and changing, and I’m looking forward to that. :)


Aromatherapy – learning it already but would like to go further and get a professional certification
Belly Dance – DONE! Took classes and danced (not professionally) for 2 years
Blue hair – Wanted to dye my hair blue, but I rather get extensions and avoid hair damage
Buy a home with my hubby in our ideal location
Color Therapy
Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding – I took a free intro class and now I REALLY would love to learn more
Feng Shui – learning it already but would like to become a certified consultant.
Herbalism/herbology degree
Handfasting – it would be amazing if we could have our 10th anniversary be a hand fasting ceremony officiated by Goddess Rosemary.

Kundalini Yoga – Very happy to say that I took classes with Donna Amrita Davidge recently and I feel incredibly blessed! This is just the beginning!
Kung Fu – DONE! Practiced for 2 years
Modeling – DONE! Went to modeling academy, graduated, worked in some shows (wasn’t for me).
Photography – More of a hobby but I do love it.
Reiki – First degree so far, so good!
Sing in a rock band – DONE! Sang in several bands.
Home Temple – I want to have a small room in my home (when we do buy a home) that will be my own temple.
Egypt – I want to visit Egypt someday, I want to know what it feels like to be there amongst the pyramids.
Sedona, Arizona – DONE! Went to Sedona with hubby, enjoyed spa, hiking and incredible views. Will definitely go back.
Italy – I want to visit!
Taiwan – I want to visit my childhood friend who has been living there for many years.

….the list will keep growing :)

The power of words

There are many sayings about words and how powerful they can be. One person can charm many people with the power of words, whether their intentions are good or not. Some use their words to gain followers, some to trick people, some to heal them, some to hurt them. Words can make us believe strongly in something even if we have no proof of it. Words can make us want to buy something we don’t even need. Words can make us fear something we don’t even know.

Words can be just words, but they can also be like tools. Words can be controlled but they can also control us. When we are not careful, words can spill out of our mouths which can never be taken back.

I have learned that my words can really affect my own emotions, and they can also affect the emotions of those around me. But this goes the other way around as well. Words can become like chains. Because of this, if I say things like “I can’t to it” or “It won’t work” or “I’m not good enough”, I am immediately using my words as chains, that bind me. And from that moment on, things will go as I said they would. Have you ever noticed how people who are constantly saying negative things about their lives like “Just as usual, I lost my phone”, or “It was only a matter of time before everything would go downhill for me”, seem to really never get out of that vicious downward spiral? That is because they are doing it to themselves! And the more they do this, then they get used to it so they can’t see past this dark cloud they have created around them. They lose the ability to see things in any other way for themselves. It’s like they put on a pair of glasses that have a tint on them which makes them see everything in a negative way, but they have worn the glasses for too long so they don’t notice them anymore.

For a person like that, it is difficult for those who care about them to help them. They don’t want to believe that they can change, because they just don’t want to anymore. It is a bad habit that isn’t so easy to give up, just like smoking or hoarding. However, just because they have this difficulty it doesn’t mean we should give up on them. We should never give up on them.

Unfortunately, there is another side to this problem. Your own words are not the only words that can bind you this way. Other people can do this to you as well. If someone you care about, or someone that you look up to, someone important to you, were to constantly reinforce negativity on you, then you would be in the same situation I described above. And as long as they continue beating you down with words, you will continue to fall unless you break away from them altogether. I’ve seen it happen. One person continuously beating down on another person with negative remarks like “You won’t amount to anything”, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to do it” and other horrible words, can have a lasting effect on someone who doesn’t know how to defend themselves from this abuse. Long term, this situation can make the person being abused unable to live a normal life, constantly being haunted by the negative words which they end up believing. It can be truly devastating.

We’ve all heard sayings like “You reap what you sow”, and “Like attracts like”. Sayings aren’t around for no reason. Your words can be chains that bind you, they are as magnets that attract whatever you are talking about. Breaking away from long term negativity that has been attracted and is now keeping you down like chains can be a very difficult task, but anything is possible. When you have been doing things a certain way, and they don’t seem to work out as you’d like, it is time to change your approach. The key word here is CHANGE. And change means you have to make an effort, you have to really want it and really do something about it. Sounds difficult? I guarantee you, breaking away from a negative downward spiral and into the life you want and deserve will be completely worth the effort. And this is something we can all do because all it requires is our own thoughts, our own words. There is no magic pill, no course to take, no equipment to buy. It’s completely free.

Also, if you know someone that is going through this, you can use your own words and thoughts to help them now. Even if you’ve tried to talk to them and convince them to stop saying this or that, doing this or that and it doesn’t work, you can help them. Having the most positive expectations of someone is the best gift you can give them. And letting them know you have no doubt they will succeed won’t hurt either, every once in a while. 😉 Be as stubborn as they are, but in a good way.

Just remember how it feels when your own mother or significant other tells you that they love you, or when someone gives you an unexpected but sweet compliment. Doesn’t that feel so much better?

The next time you see your face in the mirror, why not say something nice? Don’t be so serious about it, just a smile, a wink of the eye, a “Hey good looking!”, followed by a laugh. Feels good doesn’t it? That means it is having a positive effect on you. Imagine if we did this every single day, if we used kind, positive words when referring to ourselves and others.

Anything is possible! :)


Discovering Feng Shui

Dictionary definition:
Feng Shui: The Chinese art or practice of positioning objects, especially graves, buildings, and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi that have positive and negative effects.

For years I have admired Feng Shui and felt it is such a fascinating practice, but it wasn’t until 2009 that I finally decided to read my first book on the art. I chose a book that had good reviews and seemed like a straightforward introduction that I could put to practice as soon as possible. I read the book pretty fast; it was so fascinating to me that I just couldn’t put it down. As soon as I finished reading it, I decided to start using the information I had just learned from it.

It was quite simple really, using objects I already had, plus a few extras that were easy to find, I began to apply Feng Shui to my apartment. Colors and materials representing the elements plus location relative to the flow of energy. That’s what it’s all about.

Energy is all around us and inside us. When the energy flow within our bodies gets stuck or “soiled”, we feel the effects. We may become tired and ill. Our thoughts may become clouded, and our ability to focus may be compromised. Everything depends on energy. It is life.

The same goes for spaces: living space, business space, worship space. The energy must flow properly, in harmony and balance so that our lives within these walls reflect that harmony and balance. Look around your home. Clutter, dirt, dead plants, broken objects, things that don’t work – all these are part of the major offenders in the energy flow. Once you create the right flow, not only will your space feel better, but you will feel better too, and it will all have a positive effect in your life. :)

The first time I started using Feng Shui in my home, I had been on a long job search that got me lots of good interviews but no job. Literally the next day after I balanced the energy flow of my apartment, specially the career area and the travel and helpful people area, I got a phone call and a job offer within days.

You don’t have to be a professional Feng Shui consultant to be able to take advantage of this ancient art and bring balance and harmony into your own space. You can start learning anytime! It’s a lot of fun and once you start feeling the positive effects, you will be so happy you decided to try it. :)

I recommend: Move your Stuff, Change your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness by Karen Rauch Carter
Move your Stuff Change your Life