Citrine: The Energy Converter [Pagan Blog Project]

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Citrine is only one of several quartz varieties. Its name is derived from the French word “citron” whichmeans “lemon”. It is any quartz crystal or cluster that is yellow or orange in color. Somewhat rare in nature, citrine is often confused with the more expensive orange-yellow topaz. Most citrines on the market have been heat treated (the more orange and reddish ones). These beautiful crystals lived a past life as Amethysts, until the heat from nearby magmatic bodies (in the case of the naturally made) caused their amazing transformation.

I first was attracted to citrines because of their beautiful color and because it seemed to me a bit more of a rare crystal as I was used to seeing more quartz of the smoky, clear, and amethyst type. I picked up a point citrine crystal without knowing much about it. I guess my instincts served me well when I chose to buy one.
Citrine doesn’t hold negative energy, so cleansing or clearing is not necessary. Instead it transmutes negative energy into positive. It really is an amazing and very useful crystal; one that you will treasure for all of its benefits.
Just think about it. If citrine is transmuting negative energy into positive, the possibilities are endless! Bad habits, lack of motivation, quitting smoking; it can help you release negative traits. Of course we must remember that lessons may need to be learned so if a negative trait lingers it’s probably because there is a lesson to be learned from it and in due time it will be released. Still, I think that if my Citrine can help me, then I welcome the help.
For prosperity and success this is a great little helper. It is called Merchant Stone for a reason. Placing it in your safe, cash register, and in your purse or wallet (a small tumbled crystal would work) will not only help attract wealth, but also helps to maintain it.
Keep citrine with you to stimulate mental focus and commitment to the task at hand. It is believed that citrine enhances the intuition and the connection to the higher self. It raises the mood, encourages happiness while stabilizing emotions and calming anger and frustration. So if you have a job like customer service representative for example, imagine how helpful it would be in calming the nerves that customers tend to raise.
To encourage a good night’s sleep, keep a citrine under your pillow. It will help remove fears, and overcome nightmares.
When it comes to healing, citrine is there for you. If you suffer from digestive problems, keep it nearby, even better if you can wear one. citrine may also help improve blood circulation. It is often used to treat degenerative diseases and to diminish growths. It may also help improve the vision, activate the thymus gland and balance the thyroid gland. It is of course not to be used as a substitute for medical advice and treatment. It is more of a supplement.
During meditation, citrine will help you connect to your higher self. Since it is associated with the Sacral/solar plexus chakra, it is nice to have it in that area (as a pendant for example). During my daily Reiki self-treatment, I sometimes hold it in my hands as I do the hand placements and it feels great. I only do this for self-treatment though, and not when I am giving Reiki treatment to another person. Reiki doesn’t really need anything external other than the Reiki practitioner.
Citrine also plays a part on a very popular modern tool: Mineral Makeup. Yes, I am referring to the makeup that us women wear on a daily basis. Imagine the benefits of having something as healing as citrine be part of the makeup you wear every day.

I’m only scratching the surface here. If you do your research, there is much more information about citrine quartz. But if you are looking for a quartz that will bring all around positive energy and positive results, then citrine is worth looking into. I know I personally love it. :)

Love and blessings,