The World of Dreams [Pagan Blog Project]

The topic of Dreams and Dreaming is one I’ve been fascinated with for as long as I can remember. I’ve had very vivid and interesting dreams since early age, and many times they were like epic stories and I could remember every single detail of them. So naturally, I am very interested in the subjects of Lucid Dreaming and Dream Interpretation.


When I was studying towards my degree in Psychology, I took a class called ‘The Psychology of Dreaming”. I really loved that class, and everything we talked about was just so fascinating to me. In one of the class projects, I had to lead a class about the subject of Lucid Dreaming. It was my first time learning about the subject, and I remember bringing a crystal to class, and everyone sitting in a circle on the floor and enjoying the topic of discussion. Of course I got an A for that one! :) Lucid Dreaming is a state in which the dreamer is aware and conscious of the fact that they are dreaming. This experience can come naturally to some people, but it can also be learned and with practice it can become a great tool to control dreams. There are many books about the subject and online guides to lucid dreaming.

To learn to lucid dream, one of the things you have to work on is dream recall. Some of us can remember most of our dreams, but some have trouble remembering. Keeping a Dream Journal is one very important technique to dream recall. Not only are you keeping a record of your dreams which you can go back to at any time, but the action of writing down your dreams makes you aware that they are important and that you want really want to remember so you can write it down. This starts setting the intention that you want to remember. It doesn’t matter if the dream is short or long, funny, boring, odd, write it down. If you only remember parts of it, write it down. You can always go back later and add to it. Sometimes I get hit with sudden flashes of what I dreamed throughout my day, triggered by something I hear (like a song), or something someone says or something I see. One thing that helps me remember my dreams is talking about them. I call my mother and tell her what I dreamed about, and in the process I end up remembering even more details.

Dream Journals can be a simple plain notebook, but personally I feel that a Dream Journal should be more special. Decorate the cover, embellish it anyway that feels more dreamy or magical, or if you’re not into all that, a simple elegant notebook will do. If you are good at drawing, you should try adding your own illustrations to it. I know personally I sometimes feel that a picture would be so helpful when I’m trying to write down my dreams. If you prefer, you can also use an electronic journal, like a blog, or one such as Dream Journal:

There are many other techniques to learn and practice lucid dreaming. Here are some examples: , and there are many more out there.


Dreaming is also considered by most versions of magical theory to be a form of awareness of the astral realm, and as a way of astral travel. Astral Travel is another huge subject that I won’t get into right now, as it needs its own blog post (to say the least).


Dream Divination, also known as Oneiromancy (from the Greek Oneiroi) is a system that uses dreams to predict the future. The earliest record of dream divination comes from the Egyptians (19th Dynasty around 1275 BC), and it is known as Ramesside Dream-Book. So as you can see, it is an ancient form of divination still used today.

There are countless books that interpret dreams and it is good to have a couple of them around to help with interpretations. But I find that once you get familiar with some of the basic interpretations that you can find in many books or websites, you can then begin to use your intuition for dream interpretation. This is even better when you are interpreting your own dreams because you are more connected and familiar with the content. My mother and I usually interpret each others dreams. Sometimes there are messages that can come through the interpreter directly from the Divine or a spirit guide which can be instructions on some type of spiritual work you need to do, or a recipe for a magical work that you must do, or simply some guidance that is being passed on to you through the dream.

I’ve sometimes thought of the idea that our dreams are a parallel dimension and we get glimpses of it (dreams) or we get in touch with our other selves in that dimension to feel and experience and learn.

I could go on and on about dreams and dreaming. It really is a fascinating world. I’ll go on further in a future post. :)

Until then, may you have empowering dreams!

Love and Blessings

'Rites of Passage' artwork by Oscura LM