Starting out with good health & moving forward!

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Well, I must say, I started the year the right way! And my gratitude just keeps growing!


On January 18th I went to a Women’s Health Symposium at the Meta Center in NYC. I learned so much! I was just blown out of my mind by the love I felt amongst the women who attended. It was love for life, love for health, love for self and love for all. Sharing different perspectives on health and healing, to improve and help each other grow.


First, Susan Wilson gave us valuable information about how easily Cancer statistics can be swayed in any direction to cause fear, and gave us information on other options for testing like thermography. She spoke about breast cancer and for example, that the hereditary risk is only 10%, but lifestyle makes the difference. The risk goes down 50% if we consume more fiber because everything starts at the gut. One great resource she shared was Her knowledge is vast and her energy is just so reassuring and calming.


Suzy Meszoly, a homeopath, spoke of a holistic approach, of how important energy is and how our bodies are completely capable of healing if we allow and help. She was refreshing and so loving! How great it would be if people had more access to someone like Suzy, for their health concerns!


Annelie Withfield spoke about nutrition, and she had a lot to say! She said something very important: “When we get sick or out of balance, the first thing to do is stop and look to nature for answers”. She focused on a few foods that are very powerful: beets (great food for women to build blood), greens, sea vegetables, fats (grass fed butter, grass fed beef), pollen, mushrooms and chocolate. She used to be a 100% raw food eater but like many who start that route, she realized that it wasn’t the best lifestyle for her or her family. She also mentioned how important it is to love our water and drink the best water we can (NOT tap water). Annelie’s website is great! Check it out, lots of great recipes!


Susun Weed was the last speaker of the day. She began with a song a cappella; a song about the maiden, mother and crone. She spoke about menopause, and boy did I learn a lot! I really didn’t know anything about menopause since I haven’t been there yet, but I’m glad I was there to learn from those who have walked the path and know that it is part of our lives, it isn’t a curse or a problem. I purchased her book, New Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way, Approaches for Women 30-90. I want to know as much as I can to be ready and enjoy every step of my journey! :) It’s good to know that we don’t necessarily need hormonal treatments during menopause and that if we simply nourish our bodies, our bodies will do the rest. Susun Weed had a lot to say, and her point of view is almost completely opposite from the other speakers, and from what I am used to hearing.

Hearing that raw food is not what we should be eating, and that we must cook our food to get the best nourishment we need… wow! Also, that even in a so called raw food diet, the majority of the food is not raw at all. Cooking is not just putting the food over the fire, there are other ways to cook like, dehydrating, sprouting. Raw foods aren’t nourishing because the cell wall of the food is intact. It can’t be broken if the food is raw, even if we put it through a juicer it won’t break the cell wall and release the nutrients. All this information is very crucial and important to me because, for a long time I’ve been questioning my eating habits and trying to force myself to eat more raw foods but I was never sure if it was the right choice. Now I understand that I either extreme is not beneficial. I guess I kinda knew it, but I just needed more information. Susun Weed paid for research about this matter herself, so I feel that I can trust the information. She also recommended as part of nourishing the body, to drink 1 quart of herbal infusion a day, and she rotates between these 5 herbs: nettles, linden, red clover, oat straw and comfrey. This is part of the Wise Woman Way. I highly recommend to check out her website:


There was much more information and hopefully soon the videos will be up on Youtube so that I can share them here. I feel so blessed to have been there! I can’t wait for the next event!


Now for the rest of 2014, I hope to continue growing, loving, learning, living!


The Year of the Blessed Snake



2013 Year of the Snake

Another year of challenges, and blessings. Many lessons learned, and much gratitude for it all, and for all those people who have taught me something. I have learned a lot from everyone. A few highlights come to mind to make me smile and feel such gratitude!


In January, I officiated my first wedding. I am grateful to my sister, Lady Ophelia, who blessed me with this opportunity. It was her who thought of me as the Priestess that would perform the wedding ceremony for her and her beloved. It was her, who put this challenge in front of me and said, “I can’t imagine anyone better than you”. It was because of her, that I got my license to be able to legally officiate weddings in the city of New York. Of course, I couldn’t have gotten my license without the help of Goddess Rosemary, H.P. & Matriarch of Temple Sahjaza. I am surrounded by amazing human beings who care about others, and will do anything they can to help. Lady Ophelia & Matt’s handfasting/wedding was a beautiful, blessed experience that I will always treasure. May their lives continue to be blessed.


In March I was blessed with the visit from one of my all time favorite authors who is an immense inspiration to me. And by visit I mean, not that she came to my house (I wish), but she wrote a comment in one of my blog posts (see: Awakening Osiris:  The Egyptian Book of the Dead). Thank you Normandi Ellis!


In April, I got to spend time with someone I love very dearly. My beloved sister of Temple Sahjaza, Priestess Madame Webb. I missed her so much, and seeing her again, talking to her, hugging her, ah, it was a true blessing. She is one extraordinary woman.


In the summer, I finally started my official journey into herbalism (see previous posts My Journey into Herbalism and A Visit to Mother Nature’s Temple & School) . I am grateful to the NY Open Center and to Peeka Trenkle for making this possible for myself and all the other students who love plants and appreciate all that Mother Nature has given us. I intend to continue learning and practicing herbalism in the years to come.


This summer I also was blessed to be in Ammachi’s presence once again. This time I joined in at the front for meditation as well. The love, compassion and unity experienced will always stay with me. Thank you Amma.


In October, history was made. Yet another blessing. High Priestess & Matriarch of Temple Sahjaza, Goddess Rosemary, made her comeback to NYC. It was a long time coming, and I don’t even know where to start when it comes to describing this event. Meeting her for the first time in person was so natural, just like seeing an old friend. We had a wonderful time, all of us together. And she performed a Third Eye Opening ritual, which lasted about 4 hours. Four hours, people lined up to have their third eye opened by Goddess Rosemary, while the members of the Temple backed her up energetically and physically. This was another experience that I will never forget. The bonds in this Temple are strong and beautiful.


Another blessing in my life this year is Kundalini Yoga. I’m grateful to Donna Amrita Davidge for teaching at NY Open Center. From there I knew I wanted to continue practicing this spiritual, beautiful form of yoga. And now I’ve managed to do that at Kundalini Yoga East. Gratitude!!


These are the highlights of my year, but by no means the only blessings I have received and enjoyed. My husband is a daily blessing in my life, and so is my family. I have so much to be grateful for, every single day. I’m working on living more mindfully, and slowing down as much as possible. I look forward to the future with excitement, and a heart full of love and joy.


Awake in Peace
Awake in Love
Awake in Joy
Awake in Truth.


~Priestess Oscura N.

A Visit to Mother Nature’s Temple and School

Oh Mother Earth, how I love thee, how grateful I am to thee….


I went on my first field trip to identify medicinal plants. We were a large group, led by the amazing Peeka Trenkle. A bus ride early in the morning took me and my hubby to New Paltz, NY. From there, we got a ride to Stone Mountain Farm. The second we got out of the car, the loudest sound I’ve ever heard in such a place….the songs of the tree frogs and the cicadas, surrounding us in a non-stop soundtrack to our walk through nature.


We all eagerly took notes and photos, as our Nature guide (Peeka) pointed the wonders that Mother Nature offers us, what they can do for us and how every single plant, flower, tree, grows where it is needed, when it is needed. I learned so much, like for example, that wherever there is poison ivy, not far from it there is an antidote called Jewelweed (some photos below).


Such a beautiful, sunny day it was, and Mother Nature showed us so much, including two black snakes we saw mating on a tree! We sat under some nice shade to enjoy our packed lunches, looking at a magic circle of stones that had been erected in that area (I imagine there was a wonderful Summer Solstice celebration there!). Most of us had some cicadas hitch a ride on our heads, backs, and other parts of our clothes (jaja!).


Our walk ended by an incredible, peaceful, grand willow tree.


My journey into Herbalism

Studying herbalism is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s one of those things that I could have learned from my grandmother, but back then when I was a kid, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now (I wish I had).


Sure, I could buy some books, read, use trial and error, and that would work just fine. But my personal preference is to learn in a group setting, with other people. So, I started looking for some classes in NYC. Fortunately, a place I love here in the city called New York Open Center has a great introductory course. I wasn’t sure at first, so I started asking friends for opinions and recommendations, but eventually I realized that if I want to do something, I just have to go ahead and do it. Opinions, though helpful, were just slowing me down and making me doubt.


So, here I am, super excited to be taking a four month herbalism course with the amazing Peeka Trenkle. And to add to the excitement, Drew DiVittorio and David Winston also teach some of the classes. So far it has been an amazing experience. My appreciation of herbs has grown exponentially, and my excitement to learn more and work with herbs just keeps growing.


I finally made my first herbal preparations! I’m so excited! I’m working on two tinctures, and I watch them lovingly every

tincturesday. One is a tincture of lavender, feverfew and California poppy used to relieve migraines (I don’t get migraines as often any longer but I figured this would be a good one to have). The other one is dandelion root and burdock root to help cleanse and detox the liver. Now I just have to let the herbs and alcohol work their magic and wait. Of course I plan to start more preparations, but I’m taking my time. Did I say this is exciting? It is, very much so!


I can’t wait to plant my own medicinal herbal garden, to get more familiar with all the herbs, and be able to enjoy the magic of Mother Nature, the real medicine that has been here all along. My gratitude to Mother Earth and all the blessings she gives us every single day. <3 :)


Love & Light