Drama Destroyer

May 10, 2014
awitchsjourney.com destroy dramaThis is a very simple way of dispersing situations that drain, frustrate and just bring you unnecessary aggravation. This is also an exercise in letting go of damaging drama. You release the situation and the energy that it it brings. This is not about hating people, this is not a Death Note (anime reference). Again, this is about LETTING GO.


Why doing this is better than writing about it on a website like Facebook or Twitter: When you write about drama, about something or someone that is aggravating and frustrating you to no end and you publish your words to an audience, you are creating an echo, and echo comes back…over and over (get it?). You are putting the words out there so that they get recorded, repeated. So if you tend to do this and then wonder why it seems like drama surrounds and suffocates you constantly, please understand that it was all your own doing (yes, even if you aren’t the one who started it).


So how about we use a little magick and end it in a healthier, more effective way?


First, ask your Divine Guidance for protection and clarity.


Find a sheet of paper to write on and a pen. Without giving it much thought, let the most aggravating, frustrating situation surface. Begin writing about it. Spill your frustration, spill your emotions, be as graphic and nasty as you want to be. Write like no one is going to read it! Deposit everything negative and painful that this situation has brought to you into this sheet of paper. Really put it all in there. Careful not to break the pen or paper! 😉 And do remember that this is about the situation, no focus on specific people but on the situation that they have created.


Once you have deposited this entire situation into the sheet of paper, do not read it.


Sit quietly for a few minutes and close your eyes. Take 3 or 5 deep, slow breaths in, and slow breaths out through your nose (mouth closed). Visualize as you breathe in, beautiful, glowing, healing light coming in through your nose and into your lungs, softly lighting them up and making your whole body glow with warmth, comfort and general well-being. As you slowly breathe out, visualize gray, dirty looking polluted air coming out of your nose and leaving you. You are filtering out all that no longer serves you, all that is damaging to you.


This is a cleansing breathing exercise and can be done at any other time you can find a place to sit down and close your eyes for a few minutes.


Now comes the destruction of what has been frustrating and draining you. Here are two options and you can choose the one that is best suited for you at the moment.


Destruction by Fire
Take the sheet of paper, fold it into a smaller size. You will need a fire-proof container and you will need to be in a place in which you can light a fire safely. Take the paper, light it and throw it in the fire-proof container. You may say the following words: “Burn, Destroy, Purify!” or any other words you prefer to say at this time. You may also keep silent if you wish to do so.


Destruction by Hand
Take the sheet of paper and fold it. Grab a pair of scissors and go crazy on it! Cut it into pieces as small as you can (please be careful not to cut yourself!). You could use a paper shredder, but I feel like that takes away some of the satisfaction of cutting the paper yourself. You can even rip it apart with your bare hands of you prefer that.


Bonus energy booster: as you destroy the paper (and after saying the words you decided to say as part of the destruction ceremony), laugh. It doesn’t matter if you are force-laughing. Your laughter will further dissipate the negative energy and empower you even more. Go ahead, try it!


It is done. Put the remains in a small bag, then throw them in the garbage but take the garbage outside, or put them in a small bag and dump it in a public garbage container. If you used fire, please make sure that the flames have completely extinguished and the ashes are now cool before you throw them out.


You have let go completely and now you move on to better things.

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