Peeling Away the Onion Layers

January 3, 2015 peeling layersAll these years, these calendar years that have passed. All this perceived time…


I have slowly been peeling away, peeling away the onion layers. Slowly, sometimes painfully, sometimes cheerfully, sometimes frustratingly, peeling away the onion layers. The toddler times, the early childhood times, the pre-teen times, the teenage times, etc…peeling, not the years, but the experiences, the challenges, the lessons, the discoveries.


Some of you may have been seeing this: “She is changing, yeah, she’s changed (or maybe disappointingly) oh, she changed”. Even I myself for a very long time saw changes, only changes. Yes I am changing. But was I?


As I peel the onion layers, I am not really changing. I am REVEALING. Peeling away, learning, connecting, searching within, I am revealing my True Self. All those layers that I’ve left behind, were part of my journey, my quest to find my True Self within. All those layers were carefully plastered onto my true Self right after I was born into this physical body. My parents began their work quickly, just like any other parents do. No, I am not blaming my parents for any wrong-doing. How could they know? They themselves have lived all their lives covered in onion layers which were plastered onto their True Selves by their own parents. It is a chain that started a very long time ago and has been passed on. After my parents added the layers they felt were necessary, I continued adding some more myself.


What are all these onion layers? As you awaken into your spirituality, you can recognize them. Layers of trends, fears, insecurities, peer pressures, false identities, personalities to impress others, etc…what great damage have I done to my True Self.¬†Most people do recognize them, but there is a layer that keeps them from doing anything about it, or even caring. They see the layers as protective, comforting, easy. Why break out of your comfort zone?


I want to reveal my True Self. I AM going to keep peeling the onion layers. Some feel painful, some feel easy, some are so subtle that I don’t even notice when they come off. All is within. Knowledge, Wisdom, Happiness, God/Goddess/the Divine. It is the quest to find my True Self within, as I continue to peel away the onion layers.


If you see me changing, you are not really paying attention.




Nam Kirin Kaur

the sacred Princess/Lioness who manifests the Light of the Divine in the world by meditating on the Name of God.

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