Goodbye Labels

January 10, 2016

As the journey continues on 2016, a thought has been on my mind more often. The label of ‘Witch’ is not one that I care to attach on myself any longer.


Labels can sometimes be helpful. They can help us understand ourselves and others. A label can make a person a “winner”, a “president”, a “superstar”. But labels are so very limiting. Labels are like boxes to put things inside. But we are not things that should be or can be, limited and confined. If I put myself in a box of “Witches”, a box of “Vampires”, a box of “Priestesses”, then that is all I am. Thoughts and words are so very powerful. So, I choose to release Nam Kirin Kaur from the boxes.



A drop in the ocean, the ocean in a drop. A wave crashing into the shore, only to return to the source, the ocean. You, Me, We, are all One.



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