Who is this Witch?


I was known as Oscura, a Witch transplanted from Puerto Rico to New York City a long time ago. I’ve been learning about The Craft of the Wise among many other things all my life, from books, personal experience and from those closest to me. I work mainly with the Egyptian Pantheon; it’s very special to me. I am also a registered wedding officiant with the city of N.Y.

When it comes to spiritual people, without a doubt the first role models I ever had whom I will forever admire are women of my mother’s family. My grandmother, her sister, my aunt, my mother. They all are wonderful women who can heal with herbs, energy, magical potions and spells, and most importantly with love. They were the first Witches I ever met and they have influenced me the most. These are women who will do anything for the family, even if it means to put their own lives at risk. I call my mother on a regular basis, and we discuss and interpret each others dreams over the phone and share magical recipes.

I was a Solitary Practitioner for many many years, with some group work in between every now and then. I met a small group of awesome Pagans back in P.R. (Puerto Rico). Great times were had and I learned a lot. Once I moved to N.Y. I spent a long time in solitary practice again. After a long search I found a group of people that I felt a strong connection to, and that is Temple Sahjaza. A diverse group of creative, talented, spiritual beings that strive to achieve balance, harmony and excellence in their lives. I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn every day, with every step.

The articles I write here are a reflection of my personal experiences and won’t always be about Magick and Witchcraft directly but will have some connection to them or be relevant to my life journey through the Craft. Through this I hope to learn more about myself, about others, about the Craft, and maybe someone else can find something useful in these pages.

As of December 2014 my spiritual name is Nam Kirin Kaur. It means the sacred Princess/Lioness who manifests the Light of the Divine in the world by meditating on the Name of God.

There is a Chinese Proverb that says: “He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened”.

So I begin.

Nam Kirin Kaur

Emarah digital artwork by Oscura

Artwork by me

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