Love is…

Love is a power like no other. I really have trouble describing love. It  is one of those things you have to experience, not talk about.


Love makes a difference; it changes perspectives; it brings light into the darkest places. Don’t get me wrong, without darkness there is no light, but you know what I mean, we need balance. ūüėČ


Through the years, I’ve had people ask me for love spells. To that I usually say, I don’t think you really need to do that. To find love no spells are needed really, you just have to truly want it, welcome it and accept it in your life. You need to first love yourself, appreciate who you are, all of it, the parts that you like and the parts you don’t like. Love and care for yourself, and only then will you be able to love and care for others. Why? Because we are all like cells in one giant being; like pieces of one puzzle; like parts of one organic machine. We may have grown up believing the notion that we are separate individuals who do our own thing, live our own lives, and that’s all that matters. But the truth is not like that. We all affect each other, influence each other and are connected to each other. All of us. This is why I’m against war, but that’s a whole other subject, or as my mother would say “esos son otros veinte pesos” (translation: “that’s another twenty dollars.” it’s a Puerto Rican saying).


As the world continues to change and people slowly (and hopefully) moving into a spiritual awakening, love becomes even more important and takes a front seat in our lives. I’ve felt that more and more, Love ¬†is all we need to bring balance, harmony and peace to this world.


But again, start by loving yourself. Give yourself credit for all that you do. You are here today, you have been through a lot and yet here you stand. Turn the TV off, don’t let it dictate what love is, what being happy is. The media has completely distorted positive things like love, happiness, joy, just so that a few can get wealthy by brainwashing people into buying their products in order to be “happy”, or “loved”. That is a road that leads not to true love, but to empty, short-lived fake love. So with that said, love yourself! You are wonderful because you are part of it all, just like me and the person next to you.


If you are at a point in your life in which you want to attract romantic love, and start a relationship, that is also wonderful as long as you practice self-love on a daily basis. If you’ve ever asked anyone “how do I know when it’s love?” “how do I find real love?” and the answer has ever sounded anything like this: “You’ll know when it arrives”, or “When you least expect it”, don’t feel frustrated by those answers. That is really how it works. The more you search, the less you find. That is why I’m inviting you to just focus on loving yourself and appreciating yourself, and taking good care of yourself first. Because, the light that shines from within you will become even brighter from the self-nourishment, and will surely attract love. Remember, like attracts like. If you’ve been in a not so good relationship, take some time now to heal. Let it be, let things flow, stay still and meditate. If you don’t want to attract more of what you don’t like, then you need to shift your thoughts into what you like. Don’t say things like, ” I never want another person to treat me this way”, NO! Don’t do that, you will attract what you are focusing on with your words! Instead, say things like “I attract kind, loving people into my life.” “I attract responsible, loving, fun, caring people into my life”. “I am surrounded by love, kindness, joy and positive people”. Notice the difference? Write it down every day, repeat it in your mind, until you automatically think and say it. It doesn’t matter if these things are not in your life at the moment because soon they will be, if you continue to focus on them.


I remember, I used to say to my mom, “I want my marriage to be as loving, fun and caring as yours”. I got exactly what I said I wanted, and it gets better every day!


I know that life has its ups and downs, and frustrations, but those are just experiences and we choose wether we let them rule our lives or we learn from them and let them go. The harder you hold on to that which doesn’t make you happy, the harder it will be for love and happiness to come into your life.


Choose love, and it will choose you. :) Next, I will post a simple Love Spell for those of you who want to strengthen your intention to attract Love into your lives.

Rings of love

Moving Forward with Gratitude

Photo of Yule Tree

2011 and 2012, two huge years of change. Our friends the Mayans, were so blessed to have the wisdom, the knowledge of what this journey would entail. Our world is now at the door of a spiritually unified era, and I feel very blessed to be living here, now.

This new era is more of a return to basics. Spirituality, love, unity, and the connection to Mother Earth and each other that we’ve neglected for so long. This year I’ve felt the current of unconditional love that flows all around us and within each of us, thanks to Amma’s Darshan. It is difficult to explain in a way that is understandable because of all the limitations and corruptions that we’ve taken into our lives.

As we quickly move into 2012, I feel excited and grateful. I want to hold my brothers and sisters’ hands and just enjoy each other and share anything that is requested and needed of me. I look forward to a healthier, joyful life for all of us.

Those who shut themselves out of all this, who hold on to patriarchal, violent, religious, purely materialistic ways, may not enjoy this as much as the rest of us (to say the least), and I have hopes that they will turn around and open their hearts and even let us aid them.

I encourage everyone to express their gratitude to the Divine, the Universe, or any other way you’d like to call it. Be grateful, everyday; shift your focus from what lacks to what you have in the moment, because that is what really counts. Learn to see the blessings, from what seems like small to what seems to be huge. This shift in focus is an open invitation to a steady flow of blessings into our lives. :)


I just want to say THANK YOU, to my family, friends, co-workers, to my ancestors, to all who’ve been part of my life one way or another at some point (thank you for all you taught me), and also those who work to create all the things that help me in my daily life. To Mother Earth, and the Divine, I am grateful¬† to all. And I love you all.


Much Love and Blessings,

Oscura, Nigaya, LM

Thank you Ammachi

I first learned about Ammachi when I was reading Dancing the Inner Serpent. Priestess Le’emma described her experience meeting this woman, also known as ‘the hugging saint’, as a life altering one.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was buying a couple of smoothies at an organic shop I saw a flyer with the name Amma on it, and a photo that looked familiar. I picked it up and when I got home, I looked up the website. I realized this was the Amma that Priestess Le’emma met! The flyer was promoting her tour which was coming to NYC soon. How fortunate am I? I decided I had to go see her. I immediately began to promote Amma’s tour on Facebook and Twitter, and I mentioned more specifically to my sister Dahlia, whom I knew would be interested in this event.

Who is Amma?¬†Mata Amritanandamayi, which translates into “Mother of Immortal Bliss”, but to millions around the world she is known as “Amma” (mother) or “Ammachi” (beloved mother). She is a¬†Hindu spiritual leader and¬†teacher, who is revered as a¬†saint by her followers. She is widely respected for her humanitarian activities. She is sometimes referred to as “The Hugging Saint” ¬†because of the loving embraces she has given tirelessly to thousands everyday for the last 30 years. It is estimated that Amma has already given over 20 million hugs!

Today, my sister Dahlia and I went to see Amma at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. I knew this would be a long day, but I was prepared for the wait and I knew it would be worth it. We got our tokens and walked in. Roseland was full of white clad devotees, people of all ages, cultures and religions. There were merchants, great food, and such a wonderful ambiance and energy. We walked around and enjoyed shopping for some great items like sarees, jewelry, and other wonderful goodies.

We waited all day long for our turn to be hugged by Amma. When it was our turn, we got online and slowly made our way towards her. I could feel my heart beating faster. The staff would place each person either kneeling or sitting in front of Amma, and then quickly pull them away as soon as she was done, to keep the line moving smoothly. When Amma reached for my head and pulled me close to her chest while she softly cradled my head in her arms, I put my arms around her in surrender, and as she whispered a blessing softly in my ear, an overwhelming flood of emotion came over me. I really don’t know exactly how to describe it. Unconditional love perhaps? I think that’s one good way of describing it. But it was more than that. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. As she put a small token in my hand and I walked away to pick up my backpack and find a place to sit down and take this all in, I looked around to try and find my sister, but I couldn’t think. I just needed to sit for a minute.

I found a chair and took a couple of minutes. I felt as if my chest was going to explode, so overwhelmed with emotion. I found my sister and we both sat for a minute. When we got up to go, I couldn’t take it anymore and hugged her while I cried. Honestly I don’t know what to say, it’s hard for me to describe what I feel. All I know is that this woman has a pure soul that irradiates a light so bright, warm, loving, caring, that people flock to her side, where she welcomes one and all with open arms. Her embrace has affected me no doubt about that, and this is an experience I will treasure for ever. Or until I get to receive Darshan from Amma once again.

Thank you Amma.