For Peter Steele

Today I’ve been listening to one of my all time favorite bands, Type O Negative. They have been a source of inspiration for me for years. Although the lyrics of their songs may seem depressive, (yes I used to love to listen to them when I was depressed as the music would help me externalize my feelings) there is a lot of dark humor in them and sarcasm. I find the lyrics to be deep and beautiful, full of life and feeling. I got a chance to see Type O Negative live only once, at the famous venue in Brooklyn, NY, L’amour and it was a great experience, once I will always remember.


Unfortunately for this world, the lead singer, Peter Steele moved on and left his body last year (April 14, 2010). He will live on through his music no doubt.


While listening to some of my favorite songs, I wrote this short poem which is embedded with Type O Negative song titles. I dedicate it to Peter Steele.


For Peter Steele

Summer Breeze is gone
September Sun quickly passes through
Soon, October Rust will come
Haunted by memories of you…

by LMC (Nigaya, Oscura)