Some use magick to dissolve other people’s relationships

Some people make the decision to use magick to destroy relationships. Wether you believe this can be done or not, does notmatter. Those who do it clearly don’t believe in the consequences of their actions and how it will come back to them one way or another (karma?).


Long ago, I had this experience. Someone who was my friend at the time, someone whom I trusted, worked up a spell to destroy a relationship I was in. The truth was revealed to me through a very spiritual and psychic person who described the event in detail to me. I couldn’t believe that my friend would do such a thing but, I had been warned by the one who cares about me the most—my mother. I had confirmation from someone who was close to my friend as well. You may say, how can any spell destroy love? I would have asked the same exact question, I really would. Did it work? Yes, to an extent it did work. The romantic love dissolved so suddenly that even I was a bit puzzled. But it only happened from my end. There was suddenly a feeling like two magnets that repel each other. An energy field between us that made me want to stay away from the person; it repelled me and made me want to break up with them. So I did. I will say however, that as far as friendship goes, the spell wasn’t able to cut all the way through. We are still friends.


Recently it seems that there is a possibility of a similar situation happening again. I have no confirmation yet, only my own intuition. A friend I’ve known for many years…and their mate that could possibly be feeling jealousy of our friendship. We were very close, shared a lot in common and spent a lot of time together. Once this other person (mate) showed up, slowly but surely, the friendship suffered. The feeling of being repelled from my friend; a negativity so strong that at times I felt suffocation being in their presence. Struggles ensued. You could say it was simply a natural course of events, and you may be right. But the changes were so strong and the timing tell me otherwise. So, the friendship is now barely there, not even a shadow of what it used to be. And although I have no confirmation yet of an attack, I feel that soon enough the truth will be revealed as always. All I can do at this point is continue to move on since I don’t see any possibility of repairing the friendship. And my friend is not able to see the truth either. Moving on.


I must say, the friend I mentioned on the first situation, did seem to get the law of three coming back at her. And even after all that happened I only wish the best for them. As for the second situation, time will tell.

I don’t regret anything. Everything that happens teaches me something and everyone that I meet in my journey is a teacher to me. I say farewell to them and have a blessed life. :)


Hail Ma’at, the truth shall be known.

The Priestess