A Prayer to Honor the Dead

Xena at the Temple of The Fates

Image from Xena & Hercules Wiki

I’ve been watching Xena: Warrior Princess from the beginning. Today I was watching the episode with the 3 Fates (episode title: Remember Nothing), and in it Xena goes to their temple to honor her dead brother. I thought the prayer she was reciting was simple and beautiful, so I wrote it down.


This would be a nice way to honor a loved one during the anniversary of their passing, or during Samhain.


You will need: 3 pillar candles (one for each Fate), and a 4th, smaller taper candle to light the other three.


Prayer to honor the dead

(light smaller candle)

By this flame I call on The Three Fates…

The Maiden…(light 1st pillar candle)

The Mother…(light 2nd pillar candle)

and The Crone…(light 3rd pillar candle)

Comfort (name of dead) who’s life you cut on this day (number of days and/or years) ago.

So Mote It Be.


Love & Light

Priestess Oscura N.

New Year, New (Moon) Beginning

pentacle AWJ

The energy of the new year presents us with a unique opportunity to start fresh, to begin renewed. This of course is the same opportunity we are given every single day, but because of all the cultural celebration and tradition of New Years Eve, the energy available to us is extra beneficial for this purpose.

To make this even more powerful, we are blessed with the Moon of new beginnings, the New Moon. This is very exciting!

What better conditions to cut cords of (negative) attachment than these? We can cut away all that is not in harmony with us, all that holds us back and make our new beginning stronger.

Cutting Cords

We will be cutting negative cords of attachment. These are built on dependency, possessiveness, unbalanced relationships, ill and destructive desires and the like. Cords of attachment can be with people, situations, feelings, ideas, religions, memories, contracts and also past lives. Sometimes they fade away on their own with time, and other times (more than we’d like) they stick around and become stronger, holding us back and making a mess.

For this you will first take a spiritual cleansing bath or shower of your preference. Make it as elaborate as you feel, or keep it simple. The most important part is your intention. As you bathe or shower you may ask the Divine to cleanse and purify you, ask the water to cleanse and purify you. See all the stress, worries, and other negative junk go down the drain. Breathe slowly, comfortably, and relax.

Now, make your ritual preparations. Dress as you prefer, cast a circle, create sacred space, do what you usually do when you are about to do your magical work. It is important that you feel safe in your space, protected by Deity, spiritual guardians, energetic barrier, whatever works best for you.

Once again, meditate shortly on your intention to cut the negative cords of attachment. To get rid of what holds you back, to let go of that which does not serve you any longer. You may say a prayer for protection and strength, or improvise and speak from the heart about your intentions. Your energy and intention will make this as strong as you want it to be. You want those things gone, right?

To cut the cords you can simply visualize a pair of golden scissors, fire scissors, a flaming sword or knife. Or, you can use your ritual athame, or any other tool that helps your intention to cut. You can even use your own hands, and make a cutting motion with your fingers. Begin cutting from the top of your head, above the crown, and continue down and around your body until you get your feet. Cut and throw away, cut and throw away. As you cut, you can say something like “I don’t need this, I release it”, or any other words that you feel inspired to say. Cut as much as you feel you need to. When you are done cutting, visualize yourself as a warrior with an armor that protects you from any cords that may try to re-attach themselves to you.

Sit or stand quietly for a few minutes with gratitude for all you’ve learned, for this new beginning. Allow yourself to feel, to release, and then to welcome the new. Thank the Divine, guardians, protectors, and close your circle as you normally do.

Now, celebrate the new beginning of the beautiful soul that YOU are!

Love & Light
Rev. Priestess Oscura

Fashion Magic for Everyday Use [Pagan Blog Project]

This subject may seem a bit superficial to some, but I find it fun, and empowering. I’m referring to Witchy Fashion! The garments and accessories we choose to wear inside and outside of the magic circle.


First, outside of the magic circle. That is for us to decide. What makes us feel comfortable and happy is what we should always wear. What is required of our day job if we have one, is a guideline that many of us follow. Some jobs require uniforms, others require suits. But none of them say anything about leaving magic out! Witches are magical people, and magic should be part of our daily lives, not just limited to the magic circle. Empowerment comes by being ourselves fully and embracing the power that resides within us. We are like flowers waiting to bloom fully. If you are a rose, then be a rose, you can’t be half rose and half tulip! I’m a Witch, so I will be a Witch! :)

So, at your day-job you are required to wear a uniform. It’s plain, it’s boring, it’s quite strict so you can’t do anything to it. If you are allowed to wear any jewelry, choose a pair of earrings that you’ve magically charged to only bring pleasant sounds to your ears and see the effect it has on how people talk to you. It could be a brooch, bracelet or a ring. Obviously Pagan symbolism on your jewelry is not necessary if you don’t feel comfortable showing it off. If you can’t wear any jewelry with your uniform but you have to wear a hat, you could easily draw a magical symbol on the inside of your hat to keep you protected, keep your mind sharp and alert. Even your socks can be magically charged, for example if you have to be on your feet all day long charge them to give you the energy and comfort that you need throughout the day. I could go on and on about this, so as you can see, you are only limited by your creativity!


For those who are not required to wear uniforms at their day-job, color magic can be easily used when picking clothes and accessories. Different cultures and traditions have their own interpretations of what each color means, so go with the one that you identify with. Use the colors to your advantage, and attract the energy that you desire or need depending on the day or situation. If you do a quick search online you will find many websites that discuss ways of using Colors in magic. There are also some good books out there as well. I’m just going to mention two of them but I’m sure there are others that are good as well. Ray Buckland’s Practical Color Magick, and Color Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster. I do not own either book but they seem to get good reviews.


Although it isn’t considered magic per se, I do use Fashion Feng Shui to choose my wardrobe and it really helps to attract the energy that I desire (read a blog post I wrote about this subject here) and to feel more comfortable and more like myself. Fashion Feng Shui is based on Chinese Feng Shui, and it simply uses the Five Element Theory and intention to create a harmonious flow just like good old Feng Shui does in the spaces we inhabit. Clothing is such a personal and intimate part of our lives that it makes perfect sense to use it to our advantage. We can thank Evana Maggiore for developing this technique. Her book Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing with Intention is really insightful and helpful.

As I said before, you are only limited by your own creativity and resources. So go ahead and bring your magic with you everywhere you go!


Secondly, there is fashion in our magic circle. When I think of this my mind conjures images of velvet capes and robes, headdresses, masks, and many other dramatic, rich, and meaningful symbols that have been carried on by both fictional sources like books and films, and by old traditions. Some people like to keep it simple and they don’t feel the need to wear elaborate garments, and some just don’t wear anything at all. Whatever you wish to do is fine as long as you feel comfortable and in the case of nudity, safety of the participants and location should also be considered.


Making your own magical clothing and accessories for your rituals is a wonderful thing. It allows you to infuse the item with your own energy. Some people chant or say prayers while crafting scarves to give to the poor and ill. The energy and intention stays with the scarf and the person who wears it benefits from it. But not all of us are that crafty. Never fear, many wonderfully talented Pagans enjoy creating delightful pieces for others to purchase and enjoy. You can find many of the creations of talented magical people on websites like etsy.com.

Let me make something clear. All the magic you need is within. Your own intention, focus and connection to the Divine can be just as powerful while wearing a luxurious velvet robe with satin lining and bell sleeves as while wearing a simple cotton dress. However, many of us find that the addition of special garments and accessories helps to enhance the ambiance, contributing to our focus and magical personality. In group work, this is even more true. A Priestess or Priest can enhance a ritual by drawing more attention to themselves using magical fashion. All eyes will be on them and will remain on them, keeping the energy and intention of the ritual steady. It’s a great tool to enhance your own energy. The colors play an important part here of course, depending on the time of the year and the celebration. Examples are black for Samhain, green or yellow for Ostara, red for Imbolc, white or gold for Yule etc.

As for accessories, we all have a special necklace or pendant we like to wear for rituals, a bracelet or a ring. The materials of these can bring even more beneficial energies into our work. Gold or silver, gemstones,  they can all be used to enhance magical work in different manners. Studying color and crystal magic is quite practical and useful! 😉


Personally, I favor the enhancement of magical work using fashion. I use robes, capes, masks, an Isis crown, pendants, earrings and a lot of times I’ve worn a special dress in place of a robe. These items help me “step into the magic circle” even more literally. I feel the shift in my state of mind and focus.

There are many tools out there for us to use creatively. It’s all up to us to make magic a part of our every day lives and through fashion we can do that. :)


Love and Blessings

Sprinkle some Fun in your Craft [Pagan Blog Project]

Blessings all,AWJ Pentacle

When I first started studying the Craft back in 1991-92, I remember being excited, reading a lot but most of all, doing a lot. I wanted to cast spells, celebrate rituals, feel and experience as much as I could. To me, learning about the Craft was serious, but it was also fun to learn all these new wonderful things that I felt an affinity, a connection to.


It was a lot of fun when I started celebrating rituals with my small group of Pagan friends, which was usually at the beach. We’d bring our magic tools, robes, candles in lanterns, then we’d look for a good spot. It really was so much fun to work together. Jumping the fire during Beltane was one of the most fun things we did. It was fun even when we accidentally scared the crap out of someone who unknowingly was taking a walk at the beach and suddenly bumped into us (just imagine, he saw a group of people dressed in different color robes with hoods on, standing around in a circle with candles, one holding up a dagger). Sorry, we really didn’t mean to scare you. We always took our craft seriously, but we had fun too.


Over the years, as work, responsibilities, and all kinds of experiences with people and situations have been part of the process of life, things did change a bit. I became more cautious, and retreated back into solitary practice. Moving into a very different place also made the “cautious” part be more necessary for me. And all the responsibilities and stresses of life took the front seat while my Craft took the back seat. I was too serious about so many things that it rubbed off into my Craft, and I couldn’t even see that.

Eventually I found a group of like-minded individuals and began a new chapter in my life, and my Craft. It was a slow process, but it was happening. I was still very serious as I wanted them to know that I was dedicated. The fun did come back slowly, with the help of my new Craft friends and I started feeling more empowered.


Now that I’m a Priestess, I’ve had some trouble in the fun department. The responsibilities can make a person become locked into a too-focused state, and then everything becomes too serious and formal. Don’t get me wrong, learning, studying and practicing the Craft is something that we all should take seriously. I mean, do you really think it wise to joke around with a healing spell for someone’s mother? It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to joke around during an exorcism. There are many things that could go wrong if you  were to act like everything is fun and games. We need to be focused when we are doing our magical work, but we can’t be 100% serious all the time. When we are too serious we can become stiff, tense, and that could create energy blocks on us and our work, and  sometimes we could just go blank from so much tension and forget what we must do or say next during a ritual. It affects our energy and the energy of our work and the group if we are working with one. We can integrate some fun into our Craft, we really must. And sometimes when we don’t, the spirits and Deities themselves will remind us to do so. Some spirits and Deities are tricksters by nature, and some will suddenly do funny things (I’m looking at you Lord Ganesha! :) ) as a way of saying “Lighten Up!”. Really, whenever I sprinkle some fun, the ritual feels more enjoyable, everyone seems to feel lighter and more receptive.

Singing and dancing are fun activities that also bring great energy into our Craft and there are many other activities that are fun like creating your own magical tools. And laughter, well laughter is wonderful. It has the power not only to make people happy, feel lighter and break tension, it can also dispel negativity. :)


So, remember to sprinkle some Fun in your Craft whenever possible! :)

Duamutef, son of Horus [Pagan Blog Project]

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/

This week I’ve decided to write about one of the Four Sons of Horus: Duamutef. I don’t have a whole lot of information on Duamutef alone, as he is usually associated and referred to through his family. The Four Sons of Horus.


The Sons of Horus were said to be the children and also the ‘souls’ of Horus, and were also referred to as the ‘friends of the king’ because they’d assist the deceased monarch in his ascension to the sky. These four Gods were also known as the sons of Osiris and were later said to be members of the group called ‘the seven blessed ones’ whose job was to protect the netherworld god’s coffin. Their role was a funerary one, and you may have already heard about the Canopic Jars, containers in which the internal organs of the deceased were preserved. The stoppers of these jars were once carved into the shape of human heads representing the deceased, but from the 18th dynasty they were carved in the form of the four sons of Horus who then had become the patron Gods of the contents of these jars. Each of the sons was said to be guarded by one of the funerary Goddesses, though there was some variation on this linkage. They may have been based on the symbolic completeness of the number four alone, but they are often given geographic associations.

Duamutef is depicted with a jackal head. He is the guardian of the stomach, often protected by the Goddess Neith and his orientation is the East. His name means “Who adores his mother”. In other texts he is associated with the South.

Qebesenuef (pronounced ‘Kebsnoof’) the falcon to the West, Hapy (pronounced ‘Haahpi’) the baboon to the North,  and Imsety the man to the South are Duamutef’s brothers.


As a Pagan Witch who casts a circle at the beginning of any magical workings, I also often call on the Four Sons of Horus to guard my sacred space. These guardians can be summoned in a similar manner as one would summon traditional Elemental Kings, and can be associated with the elements as well. When summoned, the Four Sons of Horus should be visualized in the mummified human form with the head of the creature associated with each. We must do so with the same respect as we would summon elementals, because these are deities (or demigods as referred by some). We should also remember to thank them and bid them farewell at the end. They will surely guard our sacred space well. :)


Love and Blessings


Sources: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson; An Egyptian Book of Shadows by Jocelyn Almond & Keith Seddon; http://en.wikipedia.org/


Image from: http://en.wikipedia.org/


On the Subject of Banishing [Pagan Blog Project]

The term ‘banishing’ is one I’ve read about since I first started studying and training in Witchcraft about 2 decades ago. Mind you, I am not the type to read something and memorize it. I need to actually use the information, repeat it, revisit it, to be able to retain it. So my basic understanding of banishing has almost always been, that we use banishing methods to get rid of something unwanted, something of a spiritual or energetic nature.

I use banishing on a daily basis, although it is banishing of a lesser, simpler kind. For example, after morning prayers I banish my simple circle with the sound of a bell or my systrum; also, whenever any negative or stressful thoughts creep up into my mind and begin to disturb me, I use a symbolic destruction in which I imagine a huge sledge hammer destroying the thought as if it was a TV screen. One banishing ritual that has been my custom for many years at midnight when the new year is coming, is as follows:

I find a pen and a piece of paper that is small, but with enough space to write on it. I also have my cauldron or any other container that is fire proof, and of course some matches and a pair of tweezers. Regardless of the fire being indoors or outdoors, I always make sure it is in a safe container and have water nearby just in case. I also keep the fire small. I sit and meditate on the year that has passed and all the things I would like to be rid of like bad habits, health problems if any, negative situations. When I’m ready, I take the piece of paper and write my list and fold the paper. I don’t look at it anymore. I deposit all the negativity in that paper. Then, at midnight I take the piece of paper with the tweezers, and light it on fire. I watch it for a few seconds as the fire of destruction gets to work and I drop it in the cauldron and let it be consumed in the flames. Done, gone.

Lately, the subject of banishing has been popping in my mind a lot. I think this is because of so many exorcism and paranormal related films that I’ve been seeing, and the growth in popularity of paranormal investigation in the mainstream, with many TV shows to choose from. I find myself wondering what I would do if I were in this person’s or that person’s shoes, pondering what type of banishing would work on this or that situation and what they are doing wrong and right.

I grabbed my Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer to quickly find a definition. In short, here it is: Banishing. The process of causing a spirit or nonphysical force to depart or withdraw from manifestation.” Greer mentions that there are two effective ways of banishing, one using ceremonial magic, the other relying on natural magic. On the ceremonial side we have the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) which can be a very powerful ritual and you can even find videos of it on websites such as YouTube. I myself have not performed the LBRP, as I tend to lean towards the natural magic type of banishing. This type deals with herbs and other natural materials such as metals, minerals, and stones that have a natural energy that helps to banish and protect.

So banishing is done through all the senses. Here are just a few examples of each. By sight via visualization, by sound via the use of bells and other musical instruments as well as words of power, by smell via the use of herbs, oils and incenses and by touch via the physical removal of objects connected with the unwanted, by removing a person (who is causing harm) from a group or coven, by special ritual dances or movements, and even the physical destruction of a piece of paper among others. These are all combined as necessary.

The list of ways to banish can go on and on, and is only limited by creativity, resources and intention. I want to make an important note here. That for any magical working we must first carefully meditate on our intention, and consider that every action has a reaction. Situations always teach us something, there are no coincidences. We must consider if that which we want to banish has served a purpose to us, and the lesson has been learned. The impulse to jump into the working can be strong sometimes but rushing can lead to regretful mistakes, specially when the situation is deeper or more serious.

I like to sort of test myself while I watch movies or anime of a magical or paranormal subject, and think of what I would do in a specific situation. I recently was rolling  my eyes endlessly while watching Paranormal Activity 2. The boyfriend was a collection of the most cliched things anyone can do in a situation as the one they were in. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won’t go into details of the movie itself. It’s not that the movie is so good, but it is a great example of what NOT to do when a negative entity is attacking you and/or your relatives, friends, etc. Some serious banishing and exorcism would be necessary in such a situation, but then again, there was a background that lead to the situation that they posed in the movie.

Banishing is a subject that is fascinating and it is a very important practice that every Witch should learn. Writing this blog entry has helped me to remember and to research and even discover more about how I’ve been using banishing rituals in the past. There is of course, much more to learn. Always.



Celebrating our ancestors: Samhain


It is that time of the year again. The pumpkins, candy, decorations, costumes that we’ve all come to expect. The parties, the drunkenness, the fun. It’s our favorite holiday. Halloween!


But that’s not what Halloween is really all about. On the time of the year when the veil between our world and the world of spirits is thinnest, we communicate with and celebrate our ancestors. Those who sacrificed so much, who did so much for us and our families. Those who paved the road for us, who lived and died working hard and working for what they believed in.

We should always try to educate others whenever the opportunity rises, about what this holiday is about. It helps to dispel all the doubts and lies that money making corporations and negative “religious” people feed to them. What I mean by “when the opportunity rises” is, when questions come up, when someone wants to know more or they show interest. Never trying to shove information down anyone’s throat.

A nice, simple way to celebrate our ancestors, which I do every year, although it does evolve as I learn, is as follows.

I begin by taking a purifying bath or shower. I sometimes bring a nice candle into the bathroom, play some relaxing or devotional music ( I like Snatam Kaur for example) and burn a seasonal blend of incense. I express my gratitude to the water for cleansing me and I make my intention to honor my ancestors  bringing perfect love, perfect trust, joy and harmony into my home. And of course expressing my gratitude to them.

I gather photos of  family and friends that have passed to the next life. It can be recent ones and not so recent ones. Decorate a table or altar with anything that is an expression of Autumn. The colors: orange, red, gold, brown, the symbols: pumpkins, apples, a witches broom, skulls, ghosts. If those sound creepy to you, make them cute! The idea is to feel the warmth within the cold of Autumn and to make the spirits feel welcome. Sure, there are naughty spirits out there, but I am only inviting and allowing the ones that are dear to me and those that guard me and guide me (this can be affirmed out loud). Once the altar or table is decorated, I place the photos on it. Add candles (being careful and safe about them) and incense like frankincense or a nice Samhain blend. I like to use orange and black candles, but any color is fine as long as it feels good. Next I place some offerings to the ancestors as well, like slices of apple, candy, or any other foods that feel appropriate and delightful.

Some wine is also good to have, to make a toast to the ancestors and leave some for them at the altar. And now I’m ready to honor my ancestors! I have a simple ritual that as I said before, changes as I learn and I feel appropriate to do so. There are many great rituals out there in books and online, but the best one is the one that comes from the heart. With that said, a lot of times in my solitary practice I just improvise what I want to say, and let my heart speak.

It feels so good to have my grandmothers show up, my great grandparents, and other loved ones. I feel very blessed.

So when you party this Halloween, never forget your ancestors. :-)


Blessed by the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

I found out about the council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers through The Omega Institute. I never heard of them before, but I wanted to find out more. The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers represent a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come. They are traveling around the world, encouraging and promoting projects that will save our lives and our future through preservation of the planet, and our indigenous ways amongst other things. They would be at Omega soon, but I just couldn’t afford to go there. There was the commute, the cost of the event and lodging. Just a few days ago, I read a tweet from Urban Zen announcing an event at their location in NYC, with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and I could get a discount on the ticket. This was my chance! I got so excited. I started to spread the word, trying to get someone to join me. Unfortunately, none of my friends were able to go. I nearly changed my mind about going, but I am glad I did go after all. I bought my ticket on the day of the event (June 10, 2011). I also got caught up on some work at the office and was almost late to the event.

These wise women don’t just share their experience and wisdom with us, they also share their wonderful, positive, loving, caring amazing energy. The night started with inspiring, energetic music. The Urban Zen space is really stunning. I took a few photos but I didn’t want to interrupt so just a few without flash. If you’d like to see them check out my Photostream at Flickr. I walked by the grandmothers while they sat not far from the main stage, and then I looked for a good place to sit. The energy in the space was really positive, very strong. I felt very emotional and teary eyed.

Donna Karan came onstage after the music show to introduce the 13 Grandmothers. She shared her vision for Urban Zen, and the terrible pain of losing her husband. She really is doing great work with Urban Zen. May the Goddess and God bless her.

The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers slowly made their way onstage, with their translators and helpers and took their seats. Each grandmother took the microphone, one by one, and shared with everyone present, their thoughts and feelings regarding the environment, community, our responsibilities to our Mother Earth, and much more. Grandmother Agnes was the first one to speak, and she talked about water. She called us Water Babies. :) “Think about the water in your body. Talk to it, give it thanks every day” was one of the things she said. This resonated with me, as I’ve been very interested in how water responds to thoughts and feelings. Grandmother Agnes said we should drink lots of water, and we should revere water as a God because it gives us life. She even guaranteed that if we communicate and are thankful to our body’s water every day, we’ll feel much better overall and we’ll notice the difference after a few weeks. :)

Grandmother Flordemayo shared a vision she had while she was at a Crop Circle. She said that her father-in-law appeared to her, in a ball of blue light. Then he said that he brought her in a roundabout way to that place. And then she said that this same night, a guard who was doing a night shift at a place where there was a watch put on to avoid the forgery of crop circles, saw a blue light appear, and then there was a new crop circle. Very interesting.

Mona Polacca also stressed the importance of water, just as all the others did. She spoke about the sacred foundation of the 4 Elements which are the key to life and should be the focus of our prayers, our respect and care.

Two grandmothers were not there in person, so videos were presented with a message from each. Grandmother Bernadette Rebienot shared a positive message, letting us know that she has hope for the future which is great. She also mentioned how important prayer is. In fact they all pointed out how important it is for us to pray, for Mother Earth, for the 4 Elements our sacred foundation.

Clara Shinobu Iura’s video was very inspiring. She is a healer at Santa Casa de la Cura in the Amazon. She reminded us that the forest is our pharmacy, and we should respect and care for it as opposed to destroy it. The forest is essential for us to breathe, feed, and heal our bodies. The pharmaceutical industry ignores and turns its back on the deforestation, and yet their wealthy industry wouldn’t exist without the forest to begin with.

After all the grandmothers spoke, we all participated in an ancient Inuit ceremony. It was exhilarating! The music, the song, the howling! It was an amazing experience. After that, each and everyone attending the event had the opportunity to be personally blessed by one of the grandmothers. To be honest, I felt blessed since I walked into that place, just being there, listening to them talk, sing, and bless everyone in general. As I stood in line, waiting for my turn to receive a personal blessing from one of the grandmothers, I knew I would cry, because there was just so much positive, beautiful energy around me, I felt emotional. Margaret Behan Red Spider Woman blessed me. She did so quietly, and I quietly walked back to my chair, with tears in my eyes. I sat down to meditate, as more tears streamed down my face, and my hands and chest felt very warm. In my mind I saw grandmother Red Spider Woman hand me a flame, placing it in my hands.

Agnes Baker-Pilgrim gave a final prayer, which was full of love, compassion and emotion. She cried, and I cried. As Grandmother Jyoti said, I was “having a moment with my water”. I walked out of Urban Zen feeling light and relaxed, affected by the presence of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

“We have to Be the New Vision, and live the New Vision.” -Grandmother Jyoti


Communicating to the Universe

In everyday life, we have to communicate with others. In this day and age we have many ways of communicating. There are the traditional ways: face to face conversation, mail (known now as snail mail) and the telephone (known now as land-line). The modern ways: E-mail, chat, video chat, voice chat, cellphone, text message via cellphone.

Communication is key. We hear these words a lot, but really, it IS the key to everything. Not just because humans are social creatures, but because communication is how we interact with the world, the universe, and ourselves. There is communication going on constantly within our bodies. So if communication stopped, everything would stop, don’t you think?

In spiritual and magickal practices, communication is also very important. We communicate with spirit, with the universe, with our higher self, with deity.

As a Priestess I communicate during ritual, with the participants, with spirit, with deity, with the universe and with my higher self. My goal is to make my words be heard by all, and be felt by all. This goal has some things to be considered. When the ritual is written/constructed, should it be fancy, long and complex? Or should it be short, simple and to the point? Should it be completely memorized or should it be read? If you ask me, none of these things are really the most important. The ritual can be long, short, simple, complex, read, memorized, anything that you require it to be. What is important is that the words are heard by all, that they vibrate through the universe.

I have been a Priestess for a few years, so my experience is not very extensive. But personally, I have felt the difference as the years go by in how my words travel. With focus, intention, passion and the energy flow, words aren’t just words coming out of my mouth that resonate only within the room I am in and the ears of those present. Words become energy that travels through my body, out into the immediate space I am in and throughout the universe. This is not related to volume, although I find that sometimes the volume of my voice will go up unintentionally related to the intensity of the energy that I am feeling and processing. The intense energy comes from deep inside, and I can feel it, very intensely. It’s strong, and magickal, rolling like waves projecting outward. This doesn’t mean that everyone present will listen, or that they will be affected. We all know that sometimes people intentionally or unintentionally barricade themselves from others, but I know that my words are heard throughout the Universe and it feels great. :)

I am looking forward to experiencing this communication more, and enhancing it more as I learn.
Deadly Doll by Oscura