The Pagan Gift Guide

AWJ PentacleI think many will agree, the Internet is a wonderful tool. There is so much we can do with it! So I was thinking about all the times I scour the Internet looking for specific items that I can’t make myself and I’m hoping someone else does. There are so many wonderfully talented people all over the world who work really hard to create wonderful magical items. So for my own benefit and for all of you out there who have a Pagan friend or relative (or for yourself of course!) I decided to put together a Pagan Gift Guide! I will update the gift guide as I continue to research and find more wonderful resources, and if anyone wants to recommend, please do leave a comment here. :) And don’t forget to bookmark this page because I will continue to update it as I find more wonderful resources!


Note: The shops I am linking to from this article are not mine and not my responsibility. I’ve found all these resources by doing research online myself and by friends’ recommendations. You will see that shops are mentioned many times as I am categorizing by item. :)


The Pagan Gift Guide




Divination tools

Candles & candle holders



Essential Oils

Oils – magical brews and perfumes





Statuary and Plaques



Lots of shopping goodness! Again, don’t forget to bookmark this page because I’m just getting started!