Last month, my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 came to an end, and last week I graduated. To say that this has been a challenging journey is an understatement.


I’ve learned discipline; to wake up early in the morning and do my Sadhana. To commit to my practice. To commit to myself. To keep up no matter what. The Ego put up a great fight against change. I struggled for a while. I doubted myself, I doubted that I could keep going, I even doubted Kundalini Yoga. Some of my classmates and also some teachers have told me that they see a huge transformation in me. I know that I’ve transformed, although it may seem more subtle to me. I do feel different….I feel more like myself.


Gratitude is the word that comes to mind most often. Gratitude to everyone who has supported me on this journey, from teachers to friends and loved ones. I really could not have been able to hold on and push forward without support, that’s for sure. And I am so glad I kept going.


Lately I’ve questioned if I should even continue this blog. The name of the blog may not even be appropriate any longer. My journey continues, but is it a ‘Witches’ Journey’? If it is, then the journey has shifted into a different…platform? Not sure if that is an appropriate way to describe it. It just feels like there are no walls. It feels as if I am standing here, and there is nothing….and there is everything…no beginning, no end…no yesterday, no tomorrow…no definition.


There are no deities outside of me, nothing I need to look for outside, nothing that holds me. Because everything is within. I knew this, I had already learned this, read it, heard it, believed it. But honestly, I never really actually felt it before. But now, I do…and I owe it all to Kundalini Yoga and all those who have supported me on this journey, near and far. I am beyond grateful.



Nam Kirin Kaur

the sacred Princess/Lioness who manifests the Light of the Divine in the world by meditating on the Name of God.