Moving Forward with Gratitude

Photo of Yule Tree

2011 and 2012, two huge years of change. Our friends the Mayans, were so blessed to have the wisdom, the knowledge of what this journey would entail. Our world is now at the door of a spiritually unified era, and I feel very blessed to be living here, now.

This new era is more of a return to basics. Spirituality, love, unity, and the connection to Mother Earth and each other that we’ve neglected for so long. This year I’ve felt the current of unconditional love that flows all around us and within each of us, thanks to Amma’s Darshan. It is difficult to explain in a way that is understandable because of all the limitations and corruptions that we’ve taken into our lives.

As we quickly move into 2012, I feel excited and grateful. I want to hold my brothers and sisters’ hands and just enjoy each other and share anything that is requested and needed of me. I look forward to a healthier, joyful life for all of us.

Those who shut themselves out of all this, who hold on to patriarchal, violent, religious, purely materialistic ways, may not enjoy this as much as the rest of us (to say the least), and I have hopes that they will turn around and open their hearts and even let us aid them.

I encourage everyone to express their gratitude to the Divine, the Universe, or any other way you’d like to call it. Be grateful, everyday; shift your focus from what lacks to what you have in the moment, because that is what really counts. Learn to see the blessings, from what seems like small to what seems to be huge. This shift in focus is an open invitation to a steady flow of blessings into our lives. :)


I just want to say THANK YOU, to my family, friends, co-workers, to my ancestors, to all who’ve been part of my life one way or another at some point (thank you for all you taught me), and also those who work to create all the things that help me in my daily life. To Mother Earth, and the Divine, I am grateful¬† to all. And I love you all.


Much Love and Blessings,

Oscura, Nigaya, LM